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Terms & Conditions

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to provide safe and suitable storage to receive the delivery of oil. Finlay Fuels reserves the right to refuse to make delivery of the goods if the storage facility is inadequate, unsuitable or unsafe.

The Buyer indemnifies Finlay Fuels against claims, damages, expenses or costs which may arise as a result of the Buyer not observing these conditions.

Due to the nature of the product, Finlay Fuels shall not be responsible for oil traces made by the delivery tanker or equipment on the Buyer’s property.

Finlay Fuels shall not be responsible for any failure to make deliveries if fulfilment has been delayed, hindered or prevented by any circumstances whatsoever which are not within Finlay Fuels’s reasonable control (Force Majeure). Examples include adverse weather conditions, government actions, war or national emergency, riot, civil commotion, fire, flood, explosion, strikes or other labour disputes.

Finlay Fuels will record the delivery date, time, volume and description of the Goods delivered to you, and such records shall be deemed to be conclusive proof that the Goods have been delivered. If you believe that the information recorded is incorrect, then you must notify Finlay Fuels within 48 hours of receipt.

If Finlay Fuels is unable to deliver the Goods to you because access has not been provided by you, Finlay Fuels shall have no liability to for late delivery and an administrative charge may be applied to your account.

Deliveries will normally be made during Finlay Fuels’s working days (Monday to Saturday*), however Finlay Fuels reserves the right to deliver outside of these days at their discretion. Standard delivery is within 5 working days.

*Saturday deliveries will be available from 1st September to 30th April.

Finlay Fuels is supplying the delivery to you on the understanding that the oil is not misused or resold to a third party.

You must have paid in full for the volume of Goods ordered prior to delivery. Finlay Fuels will always try to deliver the agreed volume of Goods, but if we are unable to do so (e.g. if there is less space available in your tank than the ordered volume of Goods) then we will apply a refund to you (on a pro rata basis) a sum to you to reflect the lower volume of Goods actually delivered. Finlay Fuels reserves the right to amend the pence per litre to reflect the appropriate price band for the volume of Goods actually delivered.

Credit card payments will incur a percentage charge over the total amount of goods ordered. There is no extra charge for paying with a debit card. If a refund is applied, the credit card charge incurred (if applicable) will not be refunded. If the buyer incorrectly selects the “debit card” payment button, then Finlay Fuels reserves the right to apply the correct surcharge retrospectively on the buyers “credit card”.

Finlay Fuels will acknowledge any order made by you through the website, but this will not constitute acceptance of your order. Once your order has been accepted, Finlay Fuels will make delivery of the goods to your address in accordance with the details provided by you. You must ensure that Finlay Fuels has the necessary vehicular access to your property.

Finlay Fuels complies with the Data Protection Act and will not pass on your details to any third party. Any payment details you submit will be collected and used by Sagepay only and will not be passed to any other party, including Finlay Fuels.

All orders made through the website are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Finlay Fuels reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. Such amendments will be valid from the time they are uploaded to the website.

Orders must be made before 4pm to be eligible for next day/express delivery options.

In the event of the buyer cancelling the order before delivery has been made, Finlay Fuels reserves the right to apply a “cancellation charge” to the buyer’s account.