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  • Services

    View the services we offer.

Superior, Service, Satisfaction

Giving of our best to ensure, you can expect delivery within 5 working days (Monday-Friday). If you have any special requirements eg Saturday delivery, please advise. Please note, however, that at peak times ie Christmas and during severe weather conditions, deliveries may fall outside the 5 day delivery schedule.


All fuels are collected daily from the oil terminals in Belfast before being delivered directly to your tank.


All our tankers are fitted with digital meters which print the date, time and quantity, ensuring you of a secure delivery.

Competitive Price

We monitor prices daily to ensure we remain competitive.


We continually invest in the latest technology whilst maintaining and upgrading our fleet of tankers.

Payment Options

All major debit and credit cards accepted. Direct Debit savings scheme available. Council Oil Savings Stamps accepted. Savings Plan – top up your account at your convenience.

Cash & Carry

Gas refills, ad blue, additives and lubricants. Kero, Gas oil and Derv available at the fuel pumps.

Agricultural & Commercial

Diesel pump stations, lubricants and ad blue available.


From time to time, various promotional codes may be used when ordering online.