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Finlay buying GrpsSave Money with a Buying Group

The price of heating oil, like almost everything has seen a steep rise this year. Although we have been blessed with reasonably high temperatures for this time of year, the time will come when you will require a refill of heating oil. We would encourage our customers not to let their tanks run very low as we do see a trend of upsurges of orders at peak times. This could in turn lead to customers having to wait a few extra days for delivery. Lets hope for a mild winter to perhaps soften the blow. . . .

However, there is a way to help reduce the cost of your home heating oil etc, which is becoming really popular. For some time now, we have been advising our customers that getting together with local neighbours, friends and family when ordering is a good idea. This is because by sharing the cost of the delivery, you will lower the price of the overall order. This idea has really taken off, so much so that we now have a buying groups page on our site.

Simply click on the above link, and you can read about these buying groups or discount clubs and how to join one or form your own. You can approach your neighbours or community groups nearby to see if they would be interested in joining the scheme. Perhaps you could create a WhatsApp group for anybody who wants to be included, then you can quickly check who needs to order etc. If you struggle to get enough people, we would be happy to help you find an existing group. Once you register with Finlay Fuels, you are all set to start saving!

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