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Red DieselAs you will probably know by now, red diesel has been banned for use in most vehicles from April 2022. The restrictions were imposed to encourage businesses to use low emission alternative fuels. Many industries have lost their access to rebated red diesel since the change in rules. Red diesel may still be used for:

Industries not listed above can now only use fuel taxed at the standard rate for white diesel. Those industries and applications that can no longer use rebated fuels include:

Advice for those having to change to white diesel was that they would not have to clean and flush their tanks beforehand. People can still use red diesel for non commercial heating and electricity generation. It is also advised that people save their receipts and invoices, to show they have been buying full-duty fuels, and not stockpiling. You can read the latest comprehensive guidelines here.

You can order from our range of high quality fuels quickly and easily online. Prices are monitored daily, and digital meters fitted to our delivery tankers print the date, time and quantity of your delivery. This provides the necessary information about your orders, so it is to hand should you need to show it.



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