Snuggle Down this Winter

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There is a definite chill in the air as Christmas approaches, and we all want to be snug indoors watching the Christmas tree lights sparkle. Millions of homes throughout the UK rely on home heating oil to keep their homes comfortable in the winter. This is usually because they are living in rural areas in places like Bangor or Belfast and off the national grid.

Heating oil is an alternative fuel source, used in heating oil boilers and cookers which are oil fired. The oil is delivered using specially designed fuel tankers after collecting the oil from terminals. We collect our oil daily from terminals in Belfast and our vehicles have digital meters which record the date, time and quantity, ensuring you a secure and reliable delivery.

You can order our home heating oil as well as a variety of other fuels including gas and bottled gas online. We also offer high quality derv, solid fuels and fuel additives. We can also inspect, service or repair your oil fired boiler, and are always happy to advise or help.

If you want to make sure your home is energy efficient and costing you less in fuel bills:-

  • Check you have good insulation
  • Swap lightweight curtains for thicker, lined versions
  • Block draughts from external doors with excluders
  • Lag your pipes
  • Place specialist foil at the back of your radiators
  • Use cosy rugs on wood floors for a warmer feel

To ensure you have enough oil to get you through the festive period, order online or call Finlay Fuels on 028 9752 8332

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