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finAs one of the most famous winter time songs goes, and we all agree there is nothing nicer than feeling cosy and warm indoors during the colder months. There are signs that the weather in Northern Ireland is set to be as unpredictable as ever, with a drop in temperatures expected as February approaches. The last thing you want at this time is to run out of heating oil, with the consequent misery of no heating or hot water.

To ensure you are not left out in the cold, [literally] check that you have enough home heating oil to see you through this period. If possible order extra, in case there is a sudden cold snap and your consumption increases. You can also put in place other measures to keep you and your family warm and comfortable, like installing an oil tank monitor which will tell you when your supply is getting low. Never leave ordering your heating oil until the last minute, a good rule is to order when your tank is down to about a quarter full. This covers you in case of any problems and avoids stirring up any filter blocking sludge which may be accumulating on the bottom of the tank. Make sure that your oil tank is secure and can not be accessed by light fingered visitors.

Professional home heating oil suppliers like Finlay Fuels in Ballygowan, County Down, deliver within 3 working days in normal circumstances, and are extremely competitively priced. Our home heating oil is collected daily from oil terminals in Belfast, and our online ordering is fast and convenient. You can place your online order 24/7 from home, at the office or on the train.

If you want to enhance your warm indoor experience even more, look at the range of multifuel stoves offered by Universal Fires & Stoves. Attractive, efficient and economic, these popular heating appliances have many of the advantages of a real open fire, but with non of the disadvantages. Perfect to snuggle up in front of on those long winter evenings.

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