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Climate ChangeClimate change is a significant cause for concern, and has recently been in the news as things begin to look more grim. Scientists are saying it’s too late to fully reverse climate change and that we will experience the consequences of the world heating up. The temperature rising above 1.5°C will be bad news for many species and at 2°C virtually all corals will die and around one third of the world’s population will be exposed to devastating heat waves at least every 20 years. There is also a high risk of floods which are already a threat, but will increase by 170%.

Climate change has of course been exacerbated by factors like burning fossil fuels, intensive farming and clearing forests. Massive amounts of greenhouse gases are then created to add to naturally occurring ones. Some gasses trap heat from the sun in the atmosphere, and prevent it from leaking back into space. This in turn causes the Earth to warm up, and although this has always been the case, the problem has accelerated alarmingly in recent years. This is thought to be because of human activity, which has produced concentrated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, fluorinated gases and nitrous oxide.

Causes include:

Many businesses are acting responsibly and trying to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions. There are many innovations emerging which allow people to heat their homes, and enjoy their lives without impacting the environment. Customers in Ireland rely on tanker delivery of home heating oil being a mostly rural area. Most welcome viable, affordable alternatives where possible that will prove less damaging.


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