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The monthly online magazine Fuel Oil News, is full of news and interesting facts and articles relating to the home heating oil industry in the UK and Ireland. An interesting piece recently talked about the experiences of one industry professional during his career which began in 1960. The story highlights the changes and developments which have taken place over the decades, as the heating oil market has grown and successfully catered to the needs of farms, homes and local businesses.

In the early days it was usually a family affair, and suppliers would take orders in the morning and deliver in the afternoon. This type of business by it’s very nature is conducted on more of a personal level than many other services. Customer loyalty is a major aspect of running these concerns, as customers come to trust and rely on a particular supplier. Also with a lot of people using heating oil living in rural areas, they enjoy seeing the same friendly faces delivering their oil.

Offering a friendly and traditional service is important, but as with Finlay Fuels, heating fuel businesses have to remain forward thinking, and try to fulfil all customer requirements where feasible. This includes keeping prices as low as possible, and also tailoring the service, by considering the supply of other products. Along with high quality home heating oil, we are flexible, and have a range of solid fuels, lubricants, fuel additives, DERV and bottled gas for every need. Our products come direct from main terminals in Belfast, Ireland, and are destined for use within agriculture, marine or plant machinery and domestic or commercial heating.

Another significant change in how people can get their fuel products is the excellent facility for ordering online. This saves time and money, ensuring that customers receive their oil etc when they need it, and don’t have to wait and shiver!

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