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Finlay warmAs you probably know by now if you use red diesel, this fuel will be banned for the majority of users from 1st April 2022. The ban will affect those within construction, manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying, waste management, commercial heating, airport operations and ports. Red diesel [white diesel with dye added], is taxed at a significantly lower rate. This concession benefited certain off-road industrial users, as fuel duty is generally aimed at road users.

If the ban affects you, stay compliant by:-


Checking government guidelines

The government website has details on the changes regarding the red diesel tax rebate, you should check back regularly in case of relevant updates. Don’t assume you are unaffected by the ban if you can’t see your intended use in the list of approved applications. Make sure by looking on the government website https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/reform-of-red-diesel-entitlements/reform-of-red-diesel-and-other-rebated-fuels-entitlement.

Running down red diesel stocks

Allow your stock of red diesel to dwindle, as you may be required to prove that you have not purchased fresh, or stockpiled. Estimate when you are likely to run out, and plan to integrate your replacement fuel. This ensures your operations will run smoothly during the transition. There is no need to panic though, and flush out any remaining stocks so that no trace can be found.

Keeping fuel invoices

This is vital, as it will prove what purchases and payments you have made and for which product. These records will provide documentation, should HMRC inspectors need to verify.

Users will be paying quite a bit more for their fuel, along with possible other related costs, and diesel will be even more attractive to thieves. Vehicles left on construction sites will become targets, so security will become a big factor for many in the industry. Remember you can order your home heating oil, gas oil, bottled gas etc fast online from Finlay Fuels. We can also service your boiler, call us on 028 9752 8332.




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